Difference between Gmail and MS Outlook

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In today’s time where apps like Skype, WhatsApp, We-chat, Viber are ruling for communicating in real-time. Emails are still the most dominating platform to send and receive messages in corporate life.

If you are confused between Gmail and Outlook and searching, what is the difference between Gmail and Outlook? Pros and Cons of Gmail VS Outlook? Which is the best between these two? Which will provide you the best experience? Then in this blog, you will get the answer to all your queries.

Bonus – You will also get to know which one is better for business

So let’s get started

What is Gmail?

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Gmail is a free email service provider of Google, it is a web-based email service. In this, you will send and receive emails, make contacts, calendar, and make notes, add tasks. You can assess the Gmail account from the web or by third party App. Which configured mails through POP and IMAP servers.

Every account add to Gmail has an extension of @gmail.com, you can also schedule a mail-in Gmail. Since it is a free email service you have only provided with a space of 15GB.

All mails receive and send through Gmail are stored in Google servers. So Google can access your private mails that is the biggest drawback of Gmail. You can also get the backup of all your emails from Google. But you can’t blame google in case your mail data is deleted from the server because it is a free service.

That why all big enterprises use their custom mail account and server for communication with their clients and customers.

What is Outlook

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The outlook is a personal information manager by MS Office, it is a desktop-based email application in which you can configure any email account. The outlook is included in MS Office suite, apart from sending and receiving emails you can also save contacts, make tasks, plan to-do list and see the calendar.

It must be noted that Outlook is a desktop-based email client, it provides the service of configuring any email account in it. You can also use your Gmail account in Outlook. Now you may be thinking, why should I configure my Gmail account in Outlook? Well, you will get a couple of benefits if you do that –

1 – A copy of all your mail data will save in your system in the form of OST and PST files. so you can easily take backup.

2 – You will access your email account offline, which means you can see previously downloaded mails.

3 – You can write a new mail and saved it to default without Outlook.

(It should be noted that Microsoft also provide a free email address which is called @Outlook.com and Hotmail.com)

Top Difference between Gmail and MS Outlook

Outlook vs Gmail

Now you have understood the meaning of outlook and Gmail, their working and benefit. let discuss the difference between these two –

Email client Vs Email service provider

The first difference is Gmail is an email service provider, it provides the service of sending and receiving emails. On the other hand, MS Outlook is an email client that consume the services of the all email service provider.

In simple words, in Gmail, only accounts that have @gmail.com extension at last in their account name can be configured. But in outlook, you can configure your email account of any email service provider like Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Zoho Mail, Hot Mail, etc.

Outlook folder Vs Gmail labels

In Outlook you can add multiple folders in an email account and in this new folder your can group similar emails. For eg, you can add a new folder named “important file” and now you can transfer all your important emails to this folder.

In Gmail, the system is different instead of grouping similar mails into a new folder Gmail stored them in labels. You can also apply a label filter to a particular email address and then every mail received from that email address will go to the applied label.

Outlook Flag Vs Gmail Star

In Gmail, you can bifurcate a message that is important by applying the star icon. But in outlook, you can bifurcate a mail by assigning a flag to it. Also, there are many colors available to flag a message and you can choose any according to the importance of the message.

Moving Spam Emails

In Outlook you have to manually transfer all spam emails coming from an email account to the junk email folder. But in Gmail, you can apply the label filter to the email account that sends spam emails, and then all emails from that particular account will automatically move to the trash label.

Composing new Mails

The system of composing new mail is totally different in Outlook and Gmail. In Outlook a new window will open when you click on a new mail button to compose a new email. But in Gmail, a pop-up will appear on the existing window when you click on the compose button.

This means you can see any emails message and all Gmail features when you are composing a new message in Gmail. But in Outlook, that not the case because a new window will open if you click on the new Email button to compose a new email message.

Pons and Cons of Gmail and Outlook

There is no as such Pons and Cons of Gmail and Outlook, both have their own feature, you can use any of them as per your requirement. But there is a benefit of using Outlook, you can get extra security of your data because all your mails data will save in your system. The outlook is paid utility, so there is no problem with space in Outlook. But you will get a limited space of 15 GB in G-mail.

The case when Outlook is best to use

If you have an email account, whose data is important to you than you should use that account in Outlook. Like your professional email account, Account that you use to send important messages. An email account that you use to do money transactions.


I hope that through this informative blog you have understood the meaning of MS Outlook and Google Gmail. Basic differences between these two, pons and cons and also the cases when Outlook should be used instead of Gmail. Still, if you have any doughty in your mind feel free to contact us. We will be very happy to help you.

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