[Solved] How to Fix Outlook unknown Error 0x80040119 easily and for free

The Outlook is a desktop-based email client by MS Office, which helps the user to send & receive the email simply and smoothly. Apart from this it also provides the option to make calendar appointments, task scheduler, notes and folders and saving contacts.

Its simple interface made it popular among users because even a nontechnical person can use it easily. But many times the user of Outlook faces a common unknown Error 0x80040119 while using it. If you face the same error and if you are searching for an easy method to fix it then in this blog, you will definitely get a working solution.

The best thing is, all the methods that I explained will be free and are 100 % secure to use. So you don’t get any promotion of any paid tool in this blog, the only things you get are free, easy and safe ways. Before going to the solution directly, let’s understand the reason behind the error and its symptoms.

So let’s get started

Top Reasons for Outlook Error 0x80040119

After analysis of the various cases, where the user has pointed the same error, I providing you with some of the common situations where this Error will hindrance your working in MS Outlook.

    • Corrupted PST file – The most common reason behind this error is the corruption of the .pst file. A PST is a file extension that is used by Outlook to store data in your local system. If your PST file got corrupted it will hinder your email account to connect with email servers. The most effective way to solve this is repairing PST with the SCANPST.EXE tool or with MailsSoftware free PST viewer.
    • Professional AV involvement – If you are using a third-party anti-virus and you have turned off the Window defender, then sometimes your anti-virus will break the connection between Outlook and email server. In this situation, you have to uninstall your AV with its remnant files for fixing the error.
    • Outlook account is configured incorrectly – Sometimes if you configured your Yahoo and Gmail email account manually, chances are there that your email account is configured incorrectly. In this case, your email messages can’t be fetched properly in Outlook and this error pop up. Don’t worry, you can fix this error in account setting easily.
    • Enlargement of PST file – This is the most ignored and common cause for this error, generally, the user doesn’t delete their old email message in the inbox and don’t archive their old emails. This all causes outgrow of the PST file over the period of time and outgrowth PST files are easily prone to corruption and damage.

Symptoms of Errors 0x80040119

Normally the error occurs when the user tries to read send and receive an email message or when a user tries to the deleted message inside Outlook. Usually, this message pops up when the error occurs.

“An unknown error has occurred. 0x80040119”

You can receive this error in any Outlook version whether it is Outlook 2003 or 2019 and when you interact with this error.

  • All windows with the active program will crash.
  • Outlook mailbox data will not be accessible.
  • Your system got crashed.
  • The window will respond slowly to the keyboard and mouse.

Easiest ways to Fix Outlook 0x80040119 Error

Here are some easiest and the simplest techniques to fix Outlook 0x80040119 error. I explain all the solutions one by one. If one solution does not work then move on to another.

A – By using the Inbox repair tool

This method is used to repair damaged PST files because the damaged PST file is the common reason behind this particular error. There are many cases when error affected users, use this technique and resolve their problems.

Note: – This method is only applicable to Outlook version 2013 and above. So if you have an older version, then move down to the second method.

This tool is included in all Outlook version but for you, I have attached the link (click here) to download it.

1 – Close Outlook (completely) and all associated programs.

2 – Launch Inbox repair tool >> click on the Advance hyperlink in the software window

click on advance hyperlink

3 – Tick the box of Appling repairs automatically. Then Hit the Next button.

anable auto repair > click next

The scanning process starts to detect the problem in the Outlook PST file if any problem is detected it will automatically suggest the solution.

4 – After you get to Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Window, click on the Browse button to go to the drive where the PST file is stored.

By default PST file is stored in C:\Users\ AppData\Local\MicrosoftOutlook.

5 – When the process is complete, start the Outlook and see is the error resolved.

But if the error is not resolved then move down to the second method.

B – Uninstalling third-party Anti-virus.

In many cases, it is seen that sometimes professional anti-virus hindrance MS Outlook and mail server connection. And in these cases, the error was resolved by uninstalling these overprotective anti-viruses. If you think that third-party suit is the reason behind error 0x80040119 then you can opt for this method.

To uninstall anti-virus follow these below mention steps

1 – Press Window key and R alphabet together to open Run Dialog box >> type “appwiz.cpl” >> click on OK.

Scroll down throughout the list of install applications in the Program and Feature menu and find the Anti-virus which is producing the issue.

2 – Right Click on the Application after you find it then click on the uninstall option.

3 – Restart your system when the uninstallation process is complete.

4 – The next step is to delete remnant files of the uninstalled program that might still produce the stoppage. You can easily remove this file by downloading anti-malware product removal tool from here

5 – Launch Outlook and repeat the action that generating error previously and see is the error resolved.

In case the error is not resolved then move on to the next method.

C – Reconfiguring (Repair) the account by account setting

As I mentioned above, sometimes the wrong configuration of any third-party email account in Outlook causes this 0x80040119 error. Many users have stated that they have fixed the error when they reconfigure their accounts in Outlook.

Steps to repair account of Outlook

1 – Open Outlook >> click on file option

open outlook and click on file

2 – A new window will open click on Account Setting on this window.

click on account setting

3 – Click on E-mails >> Select the Account which you want to repair. >> Click on Repair.

click on email > repair > select account

4 – A new box will open that show information of the account selected >> click on next.

click on next

5 – Once you click on the next button the process of repairing file starts.

preview of process of repairing

6 – Hit the Finish Button after completion of the process.

Click on finish

After that restart, your system and check is the issue resolved.

These three are the simplest and safest solution for common causes of error 0x80040119. In most of cases, the issue will be solved after applying these solutions. But if the problem is not solved yet, then I will recommend you to consult the nearest service Centre.

Conclusion –

As you see there are many reasons behind the occurrence of unknown error 0x80040119. But the main is the enlarging of the .pst file. Corruption of the PST file is not avoided completely but it can be minimized. You will follow these precautions for safety – find some time to delete all old and unusable email files and messages. Regularly take back up of your Outlook mailbox file and always make sure that mails messages with large email attachments are managed properly.

If you have any doubts about Outlook, any other Outlook error then feel free to contacts us, we felt very happy to help you out.

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