Convert PocoMail Emails to MS Outlook PST

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Let’s get the information about PocoMail to Outlook Conversion-

PocoMail is a Windows-based email client, which developed by Poco-System in 1999. It was originally designed to protect against spam and virus attacks. The Poco system used in its own scripting language (Poco-script) instead of Microsoft and Java scripts. The latest version of the PocoMail was released in 2009 with some new features like- edit, sent/receive emails and strong Bayesian filter for preventing spam. PocoMail is able to configure with POP3/ IMAP Protocol It easily adds multiple accounts.

PocoMail to Outlook Conversion

The Reason behind Convert Poco Mail to Outlook-

There are several reasons to export mailbox from Poco Mail to MS Outlook such as-

  • The PocoMail was an outdated email client so it is not possible to directly open the PocoMail mailbox in MS Outlook.
  • MS Outlook is more secure and trustable storage of mailbox as compared to Pocomail.
  • MS Outlook has an attractive and user-friendly Graphical user-interface.
  • Outlook comes with many advanced features compared to PocoMail.

Best Solution to export PocoMail to Outlook-

MailsSoftware MBOX to PST Converter is the most proficient solution, which easily converts the mailboxes data from PocoMail to Outlook PST format. It gives 100% accurate data conversion result without losing a single bit of data. It provides many advanced functionalities such as-

  • Easily adds single and multiple PocoMail mailboxes at a time.
  • No need to installation and configuration MS Outlook for conversion tasks.
  • Generates the complete PocoMail mailbox preview for better conversion.
  • Simple, attractive and user-friendly Graphical User-Interface.
  • It keeps the Meta-data properties and Inline images after the convert PocoMail to Outlook.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows Operating System & Microsoft Outlook.

After the complete conversion task, the user can easily access the PocoMail data to any versions of MS Outlook. It maintains the data accuracy and integrity after PocoMail MBOX email to Outlook PST conversion. It gives a free demo version for the user, which easily transfers the first 20 PocoMail emails from each mailbox to Outlook PST format. To export more than 20 files the user can also purchase the paid version as per as need, which comes on a very inexpensive cost $39, $149, and $299.

Conclusion- I described a very easy solution to convert PocoMail emails to Outlook PST format without any error. MailsSoftware MBOX to PST Converter is the best solution to transfer PocoMail mailboxes data to Outlook PST format.

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