How to download Google Mailbox (Gmail) data by using Google Takeout

What is the Gmail?

Gmail is a free web-based email service developed by Google. It allows users to send and receive or manage emails in presence of internet connectivity.

Requirement for Using Gmail:

The user need Login ID (User Name) and Login Password to use the Gmail account. Open and provide the mandatory credential.

What is the Google Takeout:

Google Takeout is a tool that is normally used to download the data of the other Google services. Google takeout transfers data of other Google services like Gmail, Google Calendar, Hangout, Maps, YouTube, Google photos, etc to keep their backup archive.

Here, we will discuss how to download Gmail data using Google takeout.

How to extract Gmail data using Google Takeout?

Users may pull out Google takeout Gmail archive data by following these steps:

  • Login to the Google Takeout account using the Google username and password.
  • A page will open where you find an option to CREATE A NEW ARCHIVE. Under this, you will find two options-
    1. Select data to include
    2. Customize archive format.

  • Under select data to include, you need to deselect all the Google services and select the Mail. If you choose the Mail service to download its data, you will find two option of downloading data-
    1. MBOX format
    2. All mail data included

  • When you click on MBOX format you will get a message saying that the data will get export into MBOX format.

  • If you choose the second option all mail data included, then it will provide you an option to select or deselect the folders of the emails. And click on Next Step.

  • You will be directed under the second option. Under Customize archive format, you need to choose the delivery method, export type, file type and archive size.
  • Under Delivery method, you need to choose the “send download link via email” to get the download link on your mail.

  • Under Export type, you need to choose whether you want one-time archive or want to scheduled exports every 2 months for a year.

  • You can also choose the File type either in .zip or.tgz form.

  • Also can choose the archive size 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 10GB, 50GB.

    • Now, click on Create Archive.
    • Then you will get an email notification saying Archive of Google data requested.
    • Once the Google takeout archive is ready you will get another email providing you the archive email data and the options to download and manage archive.
    • Once you click on Download button through your mail then it directs you to the Google takeout account to download the data. You can also directly go to Google takeout account and download data from there, click the Download button adjacent to the newly created archive.

    You will get data in zip form in MBOX format to your desired download location. You just need to extract the zip data.

    If you want to import Google takeout data (downloaded MBOX file) to Outlook, then you need to convert the MBOX to PST. Free download the demo version of the MailsSoftware MBOX to PST Converter tool to export multiple MBOX file to Outlook PST format along with complete emails and attachments.

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