How to Fix- Outlook Sending Multiple Emails with Attachments & Stop Receiving Duplicate Emails in Outlook

In this time the Outlook is one of the most popular and useful desktop-based email client between the people, which developed by Microsoft. Outlook provides many useful features and high security for the user to save and secures mailbox data. But sometimes some errors and problems accrue in MS Outlook such as – Outlook Sending Multiple Emails with Attachments. In that case, multiple duplicate emails with attachments stored in the receiver’s Inbox either multiple copies of email in the Sent Items folder and/or Outbox of Outlook, which is really an annoying situation. To find out the easy method to fix Outlook error, go through the complete blog.

The reason behind sending multiple emails in MS Outlook-

There are many reasons for the Sending Multiple and duplicate Emails in MS Outlook, like-

  • Anti-Virus Integrated with MS Outlook
  • Short Interval Between Send/Receive Connection
  • Due to Server Timeout
  • Reset router, Wi-Fi, modem or other network connection

The solution to stop sending duplicate emails-

Uninstall or disable antivirus- One of the biggest reasons to sends multiple copies of an email is anti-virus software is integrated with MS Outlook application. Firstly, we need to disable the antivirus for a few minutes and try to send an email.

Short Interval Between Send/Receive Connection-

  • Firstly, open MS Outlook and Select the Send/Receive tab from the main menu. (Version of 2010 or upper)
  • Select Tools tab option and click on Send/Receive option (2007 and below version)
  • Now, Choose to Send/Receive Settings and then click on Show Progress option.
  • When the user selects the Show to progress option a new pop-up window it opens and shows the two progress bars. If the user looks at more than two tasks, that means the interval time is set to a very short time. This is the reason behind MS Outlook is sending multiple emails.

Method to change the interval time-

    • Firstly, open the MS Outlook and clicks Tool tab then click on Send/Receive option and now click on send/receive setting then select the “Define Send/Receive Group option”.
    • Now the new pop-window comes named as “Send/Receive Group”.
    • In the Send/Receive Group dialog box, the user will get the option to Schedule an automatic send/receive every option.send-receive group
    • In the option, the user easily can decrease the interval time. After complete the process, the user can try again for sending the emails.

How to get rid of Server Timeout-

To solve the Server Timeout problem, you have to go with MS Outlook. This problem can happen with any MS Outlook versions. Follow the steps to solve out –

For MS Outlook 2010 and higher versions:

      • Go-to the File option >> Account Setting >> Double Click on infected Mailbox in Email Tab >>Email Box
      • After selecting the Mailbox, you will get the email account configuration box. Now click on More Setting >> Click on Advanced Tab
        Server Timeout

For MS Outlook 2007 and lower editions:

    • Go-to Tool tab >> Account SettingOutlook 2007 Setting
    • After the change, the server Timeout, click on the Ok button.

If you get success then you will defiantly get the solution of Outlook Sending Multiple Emails with Attachments. But there is still an issue then create a new profile and take the complete backup of OST file before deleting the previous account.

Conclusion- I have described in the blog, what are the reasons behind sending multiple and duplicate emails for users and how the user can solve this problem. By reading the blog, the user easily fixes the issue related to sending multiple emails with attachments. You can get the easy solution for quick OST file recovery and how to Import PST in Outlook 2019 from here.

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