Sending Reported Error (0×800ccc0f) – Outlook Reasons and Solutions

Microsoft Outlook is an often used desktop email client. Due to its high-security facility, it is very important for organizations today. In addition to sending and receiving mail, it allows you to manage contacts, calendars, notes and tasks. There are also some other features such as appointment making, scheduling meetings, etc. It is very popular due to its advanced feature and it is often used. Being a popular email client, it still shows some error messages while working on Outlook. There are some errors which the Outlook user has to face. One of it is error code 0×800ccc0f displayed when you send or receive email messages in Outlook and the task is unable to perform due to server interruption

You may get an error message like this: “Error 0×800ccc0f: Connection to the server was interrupted”

Each error cause due to some reason and need to be solved to access the data. These error doesn’t give you any type of warning.

The reason Outlook unknown error occurred:

Here are some reasons behind this unidentified error.

  • You may have installed an antivirus with e-mail security utility enabled.
  • The Outlook Window is conflicting with other Microsoft products like Firewall problems.
  • Problem with the Internet connection
  • The OST file is corrupted
  • Issue with Outlook profile

How to fix the MS Outlook error 0×800ccc0f:

Here are some solutions which you can check to solve or fix the error.

  • Disable the antivirus e-mail protection utility: Anti-virus sometimes creates problem to the Outlook so disable it and restart the Outlook to solve the error.
  • Disable the Windows Firewall: Microsoft Outlook sometimes conflicts with other application like Windows Firewall, so try disabling that.
  • Check the connection: Both slowing down of internet and the Exchange server may create an error. So, to avoid such kind of error you should check the internet connection and also the connectivity with the server.
  • Check the MS Outlook profile: Issue may be created because of the problem in the account setting of the Outlook. So, check the account or recreate the Outlook profile.
  • Retrieve the OST file: Repairing the file is the finest solution to all the problems.
  • Remove unnecessary mails: It helps you to get rid of pointless and redundant data helping you to recover the problem.

Some situation is such that the worst case scenario of the file cannot be solved. If the solution given above does not work then the most sincere solution to this error is to use MailsSoftware OST to PST Converter tool. It allows you to solve any kind of problem and fixes every error in Outlook. You just need to convert the OST file into PST format.

Conclusion: In this blog, I tried to discuss the Error code 0×800ccc0f which we get in Outlook and the ways to fix this issue.

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