What is Microsoft Outlook and Its Features?

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Microsoft Outlook, a well-renown professional email client. It is developed and updated by Microsoft Corporation. MS Outlook is first introduced in 1997 after that its updated versions follow up the same. Basically, it was included in the package of Microsoft Office Suite.

Outlook is a client-server platform that gives access to its users to organize the mailbox of their employees, company, etc. Outlook gives us the liberty of using Windows, mac, android, and ios. With Microsoft Outlook we can enjoy the benefits of viewing interface of own way, can scheduled mailing system, can access all mail address under one Windows lineup, can share scheduled calendar, create meetings, appointments, tasks, can add up contacts, etc. Although it gives us a way to work fast with a lot of shortcut keys.

Microsoft has introduced Outlook in 1997 as a replacement of the exchange client, schedule+. In 1998 an updated version came in the lineup of Outlook with stable configuration and addition of features. In 2002 another update is received for updated windows view and specially designed for Windows XP, somehow it lacks something which is improved in the 2003 version. The next version came in the lineup in 2007 with the addition of a lot of features related to attachments and improvisation of the whole platform. In 2010 the addition of social networking and group message was a big update of that time. In 2013 new things introduced like people hub, faster performance, and compression of files took place. The 2016 version consists of the most required update i.e. cloud computing. The most recent version 2019 came with features like different time zone settings, updated inboxes, and sorting of mails.

Some Additional Features of Microsoft Outlook:-

  1. Works offline as well as online.
  2. Future mails can be scheduled days ago.
  3. Mails Data saved in the system and at administrator as a copy.
  4. Offers high data security.
  5. Can manage multiple emails addresses in a single window.
  6. Can Arrange meetings and give you reminder updates for your work.
  7. Data can be shared to contacts directly.
  8. Gives the option to add tasks for today and upcoming days.

What About Outlook Files (OST & PST)

There are two protocols used to access Outlook data, one is IMAP another is POP.

POP (post office protocol) is a simple Protocol that only allows downloading messages from your inbox to your local computer. On other hand, IMAP (internet message access protocol) is much more advanced and allows users to see all the folders on the mail server. The Data on Outlook can be saved on the desktop as an offline copy of data, so that it can be accessed without the internet and even after deletion of Outlook data.

POP saves data files with .pst extension and it is easily accessible from any device. Moreover, it can be shared with anyone, it doesn’t have any restrictions. Where on the other hand IMAP (in 2013 or later versions) saves data with .ost extension and it has some limitations that it can be accessed from only one device in which it was configured. If your .ost file gets corrupted or wants to use on another system you have to convert .ost file into .pst format.

Closing Statement: The facts shared above are just small pieces of information. These facts will clear your scenario about Microsoft Outlook and its uses over other email clients.

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